The Sun is Rising & I can’t Sleep

20121126-055240.jpgThere is nothing that really matters at this point other than to save myself from this insanity that grips me. I feel that life is slowly ebbing away – it makes me truly sad. Sigh. I miss the old days when my friends where around, and life was fun and carefree. How we changed, much has changed. All I feel is emptiness, it’s pathetic. I feel numb and nostalgic.

I would check my account in Facebook, and would feel displaced. I see them friends who were once familiar as different. Haven’t we all felt so alive once? Why is it that all I see in them are tired looking eyes and fake smiles? Oh man! I feel miserable. My mom before she died said I should visit a shrink and have my head checked. I agree. I think there really is something wrong with me. Even my partner agrees. It’s depressing.

Friend, if you’re reading this. I’m sorry for being a bastard. I miss the old days when I can just be me and talk endlessly about the crappy world and how shitty reality is. Please forgive me and come back. I miss you.

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