Blogging is Such a Tedious Task

It has been a while since I last blogged, and mind you we are not just talking about days of hiatus, but years…mind you years of no real entry. If not for the friendly ctrl+C (Copy) and ctrl+v (paste), I would not have attempted to post anything online.

“What will I write?” I asked myself! I have nothing no matter how much I squeeze my brain..there’s just nothing.

I was asked numerous times to post, and my excuse had been that my muse died and the gods are too tired to resurrect her.

So why am I typing a “real” post now? huh!

I will attempt to provide an answer to this question —> I realized that I may be dying anytime soon (really I feel that I am) and this may just be my last attempt to make a mark! Whew! There I said my latest fear! I want to talk dark, and gore, and shit now…but I am just going to bore you..and maybe bore myself more..that I’d speed up the very thing I fear I am stopping this thought-flow now…wham! (there I whacked my brain on my room’s apple-green wall)

My real reason really…and hear me this —–> I NEED MONEY!..and my other site needs some advertising ( and this site is hitting numbers, so I figured, If I mirror my site (over there at here then I might get more hit points there.

But darn..i am too lazy most of the time…and busy too (yep, I have a real job)

So I dunno, I might post something tomorrow, or I might not. So just wait, okay!

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