Scare Tactics 1-6 (Comics) Near Mint Condition

Scare Tactics #01


Scare Tactics is a comic book series published by DC Comics. A total of twelve issues appeared, dated from December 1996 to March 1998. The series, written by Len Kaminski, was a part of DC’s Weirdoverse group of titles. It came out about the same time as these other new DC properties e.g. Young Heroes in Love, Vext, Chase, Chronos. Xero et. al. As well as relaunches of other titles that were supposed to cover the scary side of the DC universe. Such as Doom Patrol, Book of Fate, and Night Force I think. Do any of these titles ring a bell?

Scare Tactics follows the life of 4 teenage escapees from R-Complex (sorta like Area 51 but for supernatural phenomenon, a warewolf, a vampire, a reptilian guy, and a really deformed boil encrusted monster. They escaped from R-Complex with the Help of Fate’s best friend/quais sidekick, Arnold Burnsteel. They go on the lam, all the while beig escorted by Burnsteel on his winebaggo, and posing as a rock metal band!!! Thay have to resort to using their individual abilities, smarts, and overall mean disposition to stay ahead of R-Complex.

Own volumes 1 to 6 of Scare Tactics today!!! With bonus comics volume 12 included!!!

  • Scare Tactics Vol. 1 “Appearing Live and Undead”
  • Scare Tactics Vol. 2 “Road Trip”
  • Scare Tactics Vol. 3 “She Gives Ya Fever!”
  • Scare Tactics Vol. 4 “My Name is Phil, I’m Big for my Age”
  • Scare Tactics Vol. 5 “Valentines Day Nightmare”
  • Scare Tactics Vol. 6 “Hunted by the Pack”
  • Scare Tactics Vol. 12 “Who is this?”

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