Rawhide Kid Max #1


The Rawhide Kid (real name: Johnny Bart, originally given as Johnny Clay) is a fictional cowboy in Marvel Comics’ shared universe. the Marvel Universe. The Rawhide Kid was a heroic gunfighter of the 19th Century American West, who was unjustly wanted as an outlaw. He is one of Marvel’s most prolific Western characters, rivaled only by the Two-Gun Kid and Kid Colt. He and other Marvel western heroes have on rare occasions guest-starred through time travel in such contemporary titles as The Avengers and West Coast Avengers.

A controversial 2003 limited series from Marvel’s MAX imprint, the five-issue Rawhide Kid (the story itself titled “Slap Leather”), revealed him to be a homosexual. The series was labeled “Parental Advisory Explicit Content”, and the story was written by Ron Zimmerman and veteran John Severin. Sales for the book were low although it was surrounded by a great deal of publicity for the orientation of the character.


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