Video: Okane Ga Nai – No Money

Okane ga nai (お金がないっ, Okane ga nai) (also known as No Money) is a shōnen-ai manga created by Hitoyo Shinozaki and illustrated by Tohru Kousaka.

The story is about Ayase Yukiya, a university student whose cousin Tetsuo Ishii betrays him and sells him in an auction to settle his heavy debts. Ayase is bought by Somuku Kanou for 1.2 billion yen.

The reason behind Kanou doing this is Kanou remembers Ayase from four years ago, when Ayase, a stranger, helped him. Now Kanou wants to keep Ayase close to him in order to protect him, and uses the 1.2 billion debt to force Ayase to live with him. As Ayase is still a student and does not have a job, he is forced to sell his body to Kanou for 500,000 yen a time.

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