Video: Stonewall and Riot

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From the Director
“Stonewall & Riot”, a new cutting edge film, from the studio that brought you the GAYVN Award Winning Animation, “The House of Morecock.” Much acclaimed artist Joe Philips helmed this feature; it’s a wild erotic romp that will have you lusting over the hot hardcore action and howling with laughter at the bizarre sexual villains. “Stonewall & Riot” is possibly the most anticipated film of 2006!

An invention has been stolen, a brilliant Professor is missing, and the only witness is lost in an extraordinary orgasmic afterglow. Can Eros City’s most prominent heroes get to the bottom of things before time runs out? They’ll have to fuck their way through a gallery of the most twisted and horny sex freaks ever seen.

The end of the trail leads Stonewall and Riot to the French Tickler, a mad sensualist hell-bent on revenge and mayhem. His plan to bathe the city in a sea of its own jizz is just the tip of the iceberg!

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