Video: Legend of the Blue Wolves

Legend of the Blue Wolves is a sci-fi hard yaoi OAV. Emphasis on hard. It takes place
in 2199 A.D. where mankind has overpopulated the Earth and has expanded throughout the solar system. The main planet where the action of the anime takes place is Pluto. Obviously, LBW was made before we found out the saddening truth about Pluto being just a rock, but I digress. On Pluto, man has made a substantial living environment. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong planet to populate because it was not long after that they are attacked by an alien race, called the Apocalypse, that use the human brain to power
their weapons (mechas suitable for outer space combat) and for their own energy. So a war between the Apocalypse and the human race has broken out.

Enter Jonathan Tyberius (awesome name by the way), a tall-dark-and-handsome rookie soldier, who joined the military because of his moral upbringing. He is set to room with Leonard Schteinberg, a blonde-haired, blue eyed man; he is the seme to Jonathan’s uke. The two did not actually meet on the greatest of terms. But before we meet the male lead characters, we meet their morbidly obese captain who likes to take sexual advantage of his subordinates. After the opening credits we see the captain engaging in sex with one of his henchmen. The deed done, the captain skims through files of new recruits and lustfully eyes Jonathan’s, his goal from then on is to bed Jonathan whether he likes is or not.

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