Suspension Notice CPU Limits Reached (3rd Warning)

My Last Post in

I received my final suspension from Anhosting today. I am forced to end my contract with them and I am currently downloading my files from their server. I will no longer be able to maintain this site. However, I will look for another one and host the contents of the site there…please send me an email at if you know any that is pretty good. I would be more than happy.

Here is a copy of the email I got from them.

Dear Noel,

Your account has been permanently suspended due to disproportionate
loads placed on the server. Please understand that we must enforce this
in order to maintain service for others sharing the server.

You’ll either need to upgrade to one of our VPS plans. or we can cancel
your account and offer a pro-rated refund for the remaining time left
on your hosting contract.

Please respond to this ticket and let us know what you’d like to do! We
can provide access to your files and mysql database if you wish, just
let us know!


Rustam Tsurik

Tech Support Department

Hosting Services, Inc. (e-mail support)

866-MIDPHASE (phone support)

I am sorry guys! But will be out for now….this might last for a week or two as I will be looking for a new home…but please visit for updates!!!

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