Posted by: oboids | May 25, 2007

Busy Night for Oboids

Hi guys,

I will be very busy tonight. I am preparing for a stint tomorrow.  I take working seriously you know.LOL! Mukha lang nde pero pagtrabaho na ang usapan e seryoso talaga ako. I love working. And working loves me too. Maybe I’ll marry my job some day. Hahahahaha! is already up. I will still make some adjustments to the site, but you can, of course, visit it. is a mirror of my wordpress blog. Its platform is also wordpress, only with better widgets, more plugins to make my blogging life easier, and of course friendlier. I have not fixed my blogroll yet, I will this Saturday, that is, if i don’t go out to party. On Sunday, I’ll fix the site.

By the way, leave a message here If you want me to add you in my link. Makakalimutin kasi ako. Nyahahaha! Actually, I’m cleaning my blogroll. Bawal ang mga panget at nakasimangot (nyahahaha!). Kaya kung palagay mo eh maganda (o pogi) ka, then leave your link here and I’ll add you.

Ghad, I am so freaking busy. I hope I still make sense.


  1. oi don’t forget me haha ^_^

  2. Congrats Oboids, and I hope you have more control of your blog this time around (I want my own Dot Com na rin…☻). I’ll check out your new blog, by the way should we update the URL for our link to your blog? Link me up, Oboids! ^_^

  3. nice =) hmm… just checkin you out… oboids, the name is familiar but it eludes me…

  4. oi kunyari gwapo ako! :)) palink haaa!

    daan ka rin sa blog ko para matandaan kong ililink kita sa new site mo. pinapatulog na kasi ako’t baka makalimutan ko bukas.


  5. link me because I am more than beautiful!
    I have been stalking you oboids. I just want to touch your muscles!


  6. Pogi ako! Haha!

    Oboids, Coy here. Congratulations on your new site. Kainggit, I also want my own domain. 🙂

    Mukhang busy nga mga tao ngayon.

    Pa-link ako ha.

  7. omg thanks to wordpress at hindi siya naka block d2 sa office. and ofcourse, tnx to ur blog.. i have something to read.. something that really makes sense. hehe.. congrats to (though di ko pa nakikita at mukhang nakablock din d2 sa office.)

    haha.. pareho tayo. seryoso ako d2 sa office. kahit ojt ko lng to. kaso kce minsan nabubusit ako pag walang ginagawa.. mas nakakapagod. haha! 😛

  8. Nice! So when are you officially moving?

  9. ..di ako pangit ha! sabi ng nanay ko yan. kaya add mo ‘ko. 🙂
    congratulations sa new site!

  10. Ahm… suspended daw…

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