Posted by: oboids | May 24, 2007

Blog Update: will Launch SOON!

Great news! My really cool friend bought me a dot com. Astig!

I am currently trying to learn how to use the control panel of the hosting provider. And I’ll also fix the layout of my blog. This will keep me busy in the next couple of days. I am so addicted to blogging. LOL

I am currently watching Episode of 14/24 of Night Head Genesis. I’ll post a review soon. For now watch an AMV on the broter’s Naota and Naoya of Night Head Genesis


  1. go oboids! go pare! :))

    nako adik ka na sa blogging ah. tsk. mahirap yan. dati nga nagaabsent pa ko para lang mag-blog eh.


  2. yey me too am on the process of learning webhosting, etc.

  3. Go!Go!Go!

  4. Congrats! I’ve been planning on putting up my own domain, too. Kaya lang, I prefer paying in cash.

  5. congratz kuya! wahahahaha sarili nang domain!

  6. yes! BIGTIME NA! lol. mamaya ang Oboids, magiging parang MGG na :P.

  7. can you ask your friend to buy me 1 too! hehehe.

  8. How much is it to buy a domain name?

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  10. You think I’d nurture happy, right? For the ziemliches who aren’t?

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