IE sucks BIG TIME!

Ang article na to ay para kay Aweh – ang hawsmate ko na hanggang ngayon ay gumagamit pa rin ng Internet Explorer, at pinagmamalaki nyang genuine ang kopya ng MS Windows nya. WTF!!


I am a big fan of Firefox Mozilla. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using Internet Explorer (IE).

It is because of IE that my computer got infected by one of those Trojans – an ugly computer virus that you get whenever you browse some very unfriendly sites. And I am not just talking about porn sites here, I’m talking about those innocent looking hyperlinks that Google suggested when you typed “Dating Sites” in its search engine. Now, you might not be an old hag looking for a fancy date, you might be a not-so-internet-savvy home owner looking for some really good refinancing company online because your friendly neighbor said he got a good offer from the internet but he doesn’t want to tell you where he got the offer. Or, you just clicked on one of those “You win $XXXX” ads you received in the mail. There are just so many possibilities, right?

So stupid eh! But it is not our fault! It is never our fault not knowing what to do. If there is anyone to blame, we have to blame Microsoft. Let us blame Microsoft for not being able to protect its customers from those BAD people who makes our computers sick, buti sana kung nagkakasipon lang ang computer, but NO! Pakshet na malupit! We need to fucking reformat our computers because it got infected! What the fuck! IE is so full of security holes and Microsoft – its maker – can’t seem to fix it.

Oh sure they tried to fix the problem, that’s why we now have IE7. If you’re using IE6 and you’re using genuine MS Windows OS, then upgrading to IE7 is just a click away. But hey, who would want to buy a very expensive product when you can simply buy the same product at an extremely cheaper price. I’m talking about Php 100 here man! That is why for most of my friends, including me, we would rather buy pirated DVDs, and pirated computer software applications instead of buying the real thing. Who would want to buy a Php 1000+ worth computer software, when you can buy the same product for just Php 100, and you can even ask the nice sales lady to lower the price to Php 80 or Php 60? Right? This is where MS became a little wiser, they now check for the genuine version before they authorize any MS software upgrade. Galing ano! Hehe! Too bad, I’m using pirated Windows XP.

So I guess I just have to say bye-bye to my dream of upgrading my explorer to an IE7. At binatukan ako ng barkada kong maangas pagdating sa computer. What the fuck was I thinking daw? Why would I want to upgrade my IE6 to IE7 when I can just change my internet browser?

He started telling me about spyware that makes your internet connection slow. He talks about registry, and I was spacing out. I can’t understand a word he is saying because I know nothing about computer stuff. So I begged him to talk to me in Tagalog. So he started asking me if I experience slow connection, and I said, “YES!” And then he asked me, why I had to reformat my laptop, and I said, “Coz, It got infected by this virus called Trojan”. That’s when he showed me And he explained to me that I need to download Firefox. And so I did, madali naman kasi akong kausap. And I believed him when he said that I just need to try Mozilla and my surfing experience will be different, really different – it will be A LOT BETTER! I was mesmerized, hypnotized by those expressive eyes. What was I thinking? He is straight! Ghaddammit Shit! I started thinking about sex when I heard him say “experience” and “a lot better”. Tangina! Usapang libog na naman.

Anyway, so I installed Firefox, and I opened my new internet browser. It was downright UGLY! I didn’t like the color. What the fuck! It is ORANGE! Kumusta naman di ba? My friend said, “Antanga mo talaga, i-click mo kaya yung “Themes” and select the theme you want”. Hehe. And that’s exactly what I did.

And that was my first day of what will be a lasting relationship, me and my Mozilla.

I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox for almost 5 months now. My browsing speed is amazingly fast. I don’t experience those annoying pop-ups anymore. And the best part to it, I’ve never heard my anti-virus screaming “VIRUS ALERT” for quite sometime now, and oh yeah, I’ve been browsing a lot of porn sites. Haha!!

15 thoughts on “IE sucks BIG TIME!

  1. fyi ndi ko pinagmamalaking genuine ang copy ko ng windows! 😛 and correction i got it for 5T masyadong malayo ung 1T + hehehe. and also the reason why there are so many security holes in using Microsoft is to pressure its users to buy more Microsoft products. Kaw naman parang dmo alam mag-isip si bill gates! mag-Linux kna dami mo reklamo! hehehe

  2. same here oboids – – i hate IE – – I love Mozilla Firefox. Nag-entry din ako niyan sa blog ko last month. So, I totally gave up IE.. and soo happy with Firefox! you rock!!

  3. Mozilla forever. Isang window lang for all the tabs, to surf porn with ease. 😀 Bonus pa yung mga add-ons nila to increase speed, etc. Oo nga, kaya madaming holes yung IE is para you’ll keep on using their products with “increased security”. P.S. Naalala niyo pa yung Netscape Navigator? Yung sobrang bagal at lumang browser na kalaban ng IE dati? Well… Nung nagclose siya, most of its programmers grouped together to help create Mozilla. 😀

  4. I share the same sentiments, Oboids. Walang pop-ups ang Firefox kaya naman mas ok. Nasira rin ang pc ko dahil sa IE na yan. May napindot akong pop-up ads tapos yun, nasira na. Kaya naman I’m glad I downloaded Firefox and found it more secure, faster and basta mas magaling sa IE! 🙂 Google should pay you for this ad! Hehehe

    Oi Oboids, dalaw ka naman sa blog ko 😀

  5. Thanks for the message at the bloglog community! Cool place. haha.. quite weird since I was never close to someone as.. err.. never mind.. as you. Well, I guess that’s simply normal.. iba iba ang pinoy 😉 and no. haha.. I am not gay.. lol.. I am to young to be like that. All I can say why I seemingly post go here from now and then is that because I still do not know anyone like you and im interested about your post. (lol haha) Parang different kasi from the people I know. The post were good if you ask me. >_

  6. @Chuva – Sarap ng feeling ano. kapag naka Mozilla ka na! You rock too dude! Send me a text message as soon as you arrive here in manila! Asa singapore ka na ba?

    @Q – That’s one feature i like about Mozilla, isang window lang para sa lahat ng tabs. Ampangit ng IE kasi andaming nakaopen na windows kainez! At nakakatuwa ang mga addons ng Mozilla! Subrang dami! Para kang nagaadventure quest – hanap treasure kung baga. Safe to surf PORN! Youbet!

    @Sasha – Talaga, badrip talaga yang IE! buti na lang mozilla na browser natin noh? Get paid by google? Hehehe. That’s something I want to think about. LOL. Bisita sa blog ni Sasha? OO NAMAN!!!

    @Ronron – Busy ka bata no? Hehe! Antagal ko ng message nun ahhh… Hehe! Buti naman bumisita ka dito pre. Don’t worry nde naman ibig sabihin pag pumunta ka sa blog ko bakla kana. hahahaha! Ikaw talaga oo! Sige I’ll visit your site, It always helps me relax when I look at that cute logo of yours, like I said it reminds me of the little prince.

    @Lei – I wanna go to baguio!! Ang init dito sa Manila! Wahhh!

  7. @coy – I am soooo happy everytime you drop by coy…hehehe. it always means that your new vlog is up. Hehe! And i am soo addicted dude. Ill watch it as soon as I can. I’m still in the ofc chief..beri beri biiizzzeeee

  8. Sister ko na lang ang gumagamit ng IE sa house. She doesn’t realize the difference kasi.

    I started using Firefox simply because of its tabbed navigation feature, which in IE you needed to open a new window to browse to another site (hassle di ba?).

    Then I realized that Firefox has more to offer. How they block pop-ups without even installing a special toolbar, how browsing becomes faster, etc etc.

  9. Hello, welcome to the secure and comfortable way of surfing the web, but remote-linking to a 1.000 x 962 Pixel big image (Firefox logo) hosted on another server just for displaying a ~ 80px² thumbnail is not the most traffic-saving way to do it – at least not for me …
    I would suggest using this one: as it should fulfill all your needs and looks even quite better because of the use of antialiasing.
    And please remember – your site could look quite different, if I would replace the image on my server to a cute naked girly, so putting it locally onto your own server might be a good choice against manipulations 🙂

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