Photoshop CS: Image Manipulation 02

Photomanipulated Image


Original Picture



This is my second attempt to Photo-manipulation.

I had to desaturate the image, invert the colors and eventually create a sketch out of the original image.

Here’s a useful link that helped me do just that – make a sketch.

The most challenging part was using vectors and paths. I had a hard time manipulating the lines until I learned a few tricks from this very useful site –

And of course for the shading lessons. And I still have so much to learn, but I definitely am improving. :-p


Christian Monzon


Birthday: 1978-05-23
Languages: English, Italian
Skin Color: Fair
Teeth: Perfect
Waist: 31″
Height: 6’2″


8 thoughts on “Photoshop CS: Image Manipulation 02

  1. @River – I just read AJ’s article and I said thank you. I am freakin sure you’ll win the award though, big time dude! I should say congratulations in advance! :p

  2. @cute Oboids

    Nah, you know what? They took down the poll! It’s not around his blog any longer — one of my readers told me. Maybe they didn’t want me to win? I didn’t even receive a notice that I was on that poll. Look at this…

    I pissed all over my pants when I saw this! LOL. I asked them to take my blog off that poll but thank god (ooops! no god for you here, sorry) they didn’t. I’m gonna start my laughing now…excuse me…&$#*(@U()%#:”+_$@!

    Ok, I’m back…how’s your day? 🙂

  3. @River – im bored as hell dude. I had to come up with so many ideas to spice up the night. And I am still bored. Damn. Don’t worry this is just one of those days when darkness looms overhead. I’ll be fine in a while.

    I looked at the link and I cant stop laughing are making my day man. The rest of us looks like a backdrop of your numerous voters..hahaha!

    Like I said..Congratulations! It’s not even the end of may and you sure are the winner. LOL. Paautograph naman. Nyehehe

  4. Thanks for the link, Oboids! I love your Yaoi entries, maybe a Sir Iruka x Leandro Okabe would be a great blend ( or maybe I’n just a bit Hot after posting my Leandro Okabe pics in Multiply). Keep up the good work, malalamangan mo rin yung mga artists behind many Yaoi wallpapers! =)

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