Existential Shits: One of those days!

Nagising ako ng mga alas tres ng hapon, late na kasi ako natulog nung gabi dahil nakipagkwentuhan pa ako sa mga bloggers sa YM hanggang madaling araw. Nakalimutan ko ring uminom ng Tylenol PM pampatulog sana, nagising tuloy ako na masakit ang ulo.

I wanted to check my mails, pero I was too lazy to open YahooMail. Iki-click ko na nga lang yung button sa toolbar eh kinakatamaran ko pa. Sigh.

I texted my friend Mac if he wants to go out tonight. He texted back and said he is in Paranaque, WTF! What is he doing there? I figured he must be with his mom. So I didn’t reply to his message anymore. I know he won’t be able to go out tonight.

So what am I going to do then? I seriously thought of my options and here’s a list of what I came up with:

  1. Watch Naruto online till my eyes hurt.
  2. Download the latest episode of bleach and watch the download bar for 30 minutes till it says “download complete”
  3. Watch Heroes Ep 119 & 120
  4. Watch guys jerking off in G4M Chat.
  5. Jerk off till my dick hurts.

Ghad I am sooo bored.

This is one of those days when I’d really miss my friends in college – the party people. Their none stop text barrage for a Saturday party. Where are they now anyway? One is married, one’s getting married, one’s having a kid, one’s dead…and I am counting – my fingers say i have 4 party people left to pester, but damn, all busy and have no time for me. Wahhhh!!

Where are the U-man people when you need them? Melch? Ada? Asan na ba kayong mga bakla ng luneta. Hahahaha!

MagSarah’s na lang kaya ako? Bili ako ng beer at maglasing dito sa kwarto ko? Kaso, lalaki tyan ko! Shet, ayoko namang magmukhang kasing laki ng tyan ni Bernard Palanca no! Bili kaya ako ng vodka at magmix ng drink. O di kaya laklakin ko yung isang bote ng Emperador para buong linggo akong tulog. Shet!

Pakshet! Asan na ba ang lubricant?? Putah di ko makita! KUYA!!!

7 thoughts on “Existential Shits: One of those days!

  1. Or you can chat with me. I can’t go out either. I had a fist fight with a punk last night in the club down the block and the police are looking for me. That’s what Morgan say. Huh!

    YM: pisanu_wendt

  2. Nice nice… I like #3 pwede rin Grey’s Anatomy! buong araw na manood ng mga yun solve na ako… pero masaya ren may kasama.
    Sige OBIOIDS wahahahahahah bulol…

  3. Hmmm… Go to Quiapo, buy a shitload of DVDs to watch when you’ve got nothing to do. hahahaha. House/ Prisonbreak/ Justice League usually works for me. I also look for new series to try out 😀

  4. i usually do #5. haha! it’s like you can’t help it. but after a while, you get tired and exhausted, until you decide to take a break. 🙂

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