Naruto – A Private Exhibition

Naruto – A Private Exhibition

This is one really HOT Naruto picture. Him pulling down that zip is such a tease! And the smile makes me want to kiss him BAD. Sheez!

I can’t remember where I downloaded this pic. I tried reading the label in the picture, but I can barely read it. So, much that I want to search for its creator online, I can’t. Bummer! I was really hoping the the author uploaded a few more Naruto pics that will keep my pages burning. Shit!

I guess we’ll just have to satisfy our eyes with this candy looking Naruto for now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for a few more of these tasty pics somewhere in the Yaoi world for our eyes to ogle.

I’ll keep searching.

16 thoughts on “Naruto – A Private Exhibition

  1. @lyka – hehe those are whiskers, his a fox boy. LOL As for the red and white mark, i think its a konoha mark, but im not sure..ill try to find out.

    @MaleBeauty – Hehe! Darn I can’t help looking at his pics..and pecs..LOL

    @Lei – hehe, ay na lang nasabi ni ateh..hahaha

    @gayngame – oo naman, kaya ko nga pinost eh..LOL

  2. Yung red thingy sa abs nya, lyka, symbol yun ng Uchiha family… ang family ni Sasuke. It’s red and white colored fan if im not mistaken (pa expert daw o!). hay sabi ko na nga ba, basta yaoi ni Naruto may Sasuke reference talaga! Sana si Shikamaru nalang! Hikhikhik!

  3. gah. naputol. Anyway, of course may Naruto-Sasuke reference. That’s why sila ung wallpaper ko and not Ichigo. Remember all those times that Sasuke mentions na he has to kill Naruto because he cares for Naruto the most? Its soooo….. gay. Not to mention the fact that Sasuke never looks at Sakura/ Ino’s boobs and doesn’t get a nosebleed when Naruto does the harem no jutsu. (damn ang anime nerd ko….)

  4. Lol. Dont get me started on the yaoi fans. Actually, most of the yaoi fans I know are females who stake their claim on the two guys from Slamdunk (I don’t watch it eh), the numerous gay couples daw in POT and of course, the quintessential harry-draco. One of my friends even had asked two POT cosplayers to do a pseudo gay pose tapos pinicturan niya >_

  5. Putol nanaman. Nga pala, there was this scene sa manga ng Naruto, I don’t know if it showed sa anime, basta parang di ko alam kung punishment yun or trade, basta Jiraya said Naruto had to pose nude for him not as a guy, pero yung female persona niya (yung ginagamit niya sa harem no jutsu). Tas pinakita pa dun na ang libog ng tingin ni Jiraya kay Naruto :))

  6. ahh! antagal kong di nakabalik dito sa post na to ah! (gawin bang forum ng yaoi ang blog ni oboids? haha!)

    @oboids: you’re welcome! grabe anime fans din pala tayo… of some sort haha!
    @Q: thank you thank you… adik lang talaga sa Naruto haha! Shippuden no 14 na ata ang anime ngayon. Sana yumabong pa ang ating pagka adik sa yaoi este sa anime! hikhikhik!

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