Hit 300!

Whoa I now have 4,000+ visitors since my first blog post (February 26, 2007), nice! 🙂 I find it fascinating that in a short span of time I was able to beat my last site’s hit points.

Below is a graphical illustration of my Hit Points for the past 30 days as provided by WordPress.


Notice that my stats started increasing on April 7, 2007. So what was I doing last April 7? Darn! I so hate to backtrack. And after checking my posts here’s what I found out:

  • April 7, 2007 – I posted Growing blog of the Day! I remember this post was during Holy Week. Wala akong magawa dahil bakasyon. At dahil natutuyot na ang utak ko sa kakatulog, naisipan kung kulitin na lang ang mga tao online sa pamamagitan ng pagsusulat ng mga walang kakwenta-kwentang litanya ko sa buhay. In fairness, marami akong naloko. Masyado kasing pasabog ang mga posts ko. Hahahaha.
  • Since that day, my hit points per day steadily increased: 129, 144, and then on April 9, 2007, I posted Laiya Trip & Pics and my hit points beat the 200 hits/day mark, for the first time I had 204 visitors. Unfortunately, my stats dropped to 143 the following day, and slightly increased to 145 the day after. I started wondering why. I thought maybe my visitors got tired of my pacute pics. LOL.
  • April 13, 2007 – My hit points increased to 238, must be because it’s Friday the 13th and the gods were blessing the devious me. Bwahahaha! Then the next day my site’s hit points dropped to 93. Huwaaat! Pakshet 93! Anlaki ng deperensya. Nagalit ata yung mga gods, masyado daw kasi akong pasikat! So I prayed for an explanation and the gods all said that they were testing my faith. Nyehehehe! And the gods were right, my stats began steadily increasing again the next day until it reached 259 hits – I should thank Chico for my 259 points because without his invitation to join his blog as a contributor, I will not have the chance to be a Guestblogger of SaWariKo, My first post “So, 1+1=3?” would not be posted, and I will not get the attention of SaWariKo’s readers – by the way, if you haven’t read the post I’m talking about, then where the fuck have you been? Start reading dammit! :-p

My blog was able to maintain 100+ hit points per day, which is not bad for a new blogger. Highest hit points so far is 292. I am looking forward to beating the 300+ mark soon!

I tried simulating my blog’s behavior. I wanted to find out when I would beat the 300+ mark.

Below is a scatter graph of my hit points for the past 30-days. I also included the formula of the trendline.


Base on the formula “y = 8.8729x – 347533”, 347533 is actually 1.0443, so the function Y(x) should be “y = 8.8729x – 1.0443” (R= 0.753). If I set March 28 as day 1 and Y to 300, then x is 33.92851 +/- 0.753.

Base on the trendline, I will most likely hit the 300 hit point marks on these dates: April 29 – May 1, 2007. I can’t wait for Monday to see if I am right. LOL!

9 thoughts on “Hit 300!

  1. @maruja – talaga? nice nice, first blog ko kasi to. I guess I was really pretty lucky for choosing wordpress huh? 😛
    @utakGago – Nyeh, madali lang yun pre..sa excel ko lang ginawa yun. turuan na lang kita pag me time.

  2. WordPress loads way faster than other platforms kaya mas ok talaga.And mas visitor friendly sya.

    Have a blast this weekend, Oboids! May date ba? 🙂

  3. Man, congratulations. I’m sure you’ll hit 300 one of these days.

    Inggit ako a. Ako kaya kelan makaka-200 man lang. Hehe. 139 pa lang ang all-time high ko e. Hehe.

    A new Vlog’s uploaded by the way. 🙂

  4. @sasha – thats what I noticed too. I tried browsing the other platforms and they normally take more seconds to download, wordpress does load faster. Yep, I have a date this weekend. Yahooo!!!

    @Coy – Yahoo! I actually am looking forward to your new VLOG dude. I’ll watch it when I get home.. cant do it tonight coz I am still in the ofc.

  5. wahhhh…sinimulan kasi ni Sinoka…huhu

    @Sino Ka & Mistrehubs – I have not reached the 300 views per day yet..that was suppose to be my goal.. I guess you guys got scared of the graphs and the formulas..that you stopped reading the article somewhere in the 3rd paragraph and just read the comments.. or is it the fonts?? Wahhh…please tell me so I can improve…wahhh…

    Neweys, thanks for congratulating me though..like what coy said I’m sure i’ll hit the 300mark somewhere between april 29 (tom) and May 1…yahooo!!!

    Pakshet (actually i say this a lot nowadays, parang mas di ako makasalanan kapag ito sinabi ko instead of FU..as if. LOL)

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