A 3-way Invitation


I was offered a 3-way yesterday. Whew!

I find it amusing that there are two guys who want to do it with me big time. I got a YM message from A* saying he wanted to meet up with me (Translated to: He wants to have sex with me.), and I replied, “I don’t know what my schedule is, and I am too lazy to go out right now.” (Translated to: I just jerked off, and I’m not too horny to have another round of sex, ask me later and I might change my mind.)

I guess he was feeling really frustrated that I wasn’t that interested in having sex with him as he thought so, so he said, “Do you know someone from Commonwealth?”

And I said, “I know a lot of people in Commonwealth.”

“But, did you have sex with someone from Commonwealth?”

Now, that made me stop and think. I can’t really remember his name. I was dating this guy way back college. We had our moment, everything else was a blur except the part where we ended up on his bed naked and exhausted. I don’t know if he still lives in QC. Damn! I can’t fucking remember his name.

“I can’t remember his name. I’m sorry. “

“Maybe this will help you, dial this number 09*********.”

So I dialed the digits and shit, L*’s name appeared. The fuck! I am dating this L* guy and I didn’t know that he and A* know each other. We had our moment, and yeah we ended exchanging bodily fluids. It was one HOT encounter. I like the guy and we agreed on going out once a week. I didn’t know he lives somewhere in Commonwealth area. I never really asked him. I just know that he lives near UP.

“Yeah, I know him. Why?”

“He asked me if I want a 3-way with you?”
What the fuck! Gago ‘to si L* ahh, binebenta ako ng mokong! Drat!

Some guys would probably get pissed, feeling weird or something after finding out that the guy his dating is setting up a 3-way with some other guy. I wasn’t. I was actually amused. I find the game really amusing.

“Oh yeah? I was suppose to meet up with him this weekend. I guess there’s a change of plan eh. So what have you guys agreed on? If L* says yes, then I’ll say yes too. I leave him to decide for both of us.” Now, that last sentence was a statement that L* and I are exclusive. Hahaha!

OK. I like L*, i can’t say I like him a lot with limerence and all.I just like him enough to date him and maybe just maybe to date him exclusively. Some of you will understand what I am saying, some will not, and others can rank their brains hard to figure out what I am trying to say. Oh, I really don’t care at this point.

Relationship, commitment, dating exclusively, or just dating – these levels are clear to me. I can clearly define the parameters of my relationships. My goal is to understand these relationships because I don’t want to end up having a head ache in the end. So my relationship with L* is pretty clear, I like him and a I plan to date him more. He opened up the idea of having sex with other people as a couple, that didn’t turn me off. I actually find the idea entertaining. This L* guy knows what he wants and that for me is something respectable.

You can pull your guns out and kill me now, you moralist readers! Hahahaha!

After a few minutes, I got a text message from L*, “Ey bud, I received a message from this A* guy. Do you know him? He wanted us to do 3-way with him. If you’re good with it then I’ll say yes.” Oh that is so sweet. LOL. I find it very entertaining really when people screen their words so as to mean something else. I do that a lot, and these guys do it too. It is very amusing because I can piece their sentences together like when I play a not-so-difficult puzzle game. These guys are amusingly predictable, and yet they are interesting to me.

So I said, “Ey bud, you know I miss you bad. And we already planned to go out this weekend. I just want to see you. I’ll let you to decide for both of us re: A*’s suggestion.”

L* texted me back with this message, “I like you. But, let’s not invest emotions muna. Let’s just have fun first. See you tom.” That was one interesting text message. I found a new level of respect for L*. He was very honest and clearly laid down his objectives and goals before me. That is something I really appreciate.

“I really understand bud. And I am for it. I like you too, and see you tom. Muah.”

Then after a few minutes my phone beeped, “Yo, I am here in room 223, maybe you wanna go here now. Don’t bring L* nemore. We’ll see him tomorrow.” Huwat!! This guy is very sneaky! And one thing I really hate are sneaky people. Ghad!

“I am just too lazy to really go out bud. And it is too hot outside. I already texted L* he knows that I’ll be going out with him tomorrow. If there’s any change of plan text him, talk to him. He’ll decide for me.” (Read: I am not interested.)

“We’ll if you do change your mind. Text me, I’ll wait for you here.” (Read: I am really horny and desperate. I am begging you, please cum over.)

I didn’t text back. I fell asleep.

And I just woke up.

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13 thoughts on “A 3-way Invitation

  1. una sa lahat – tila may memory gap ka na. try gingko biloba or glutaphos. maaaring makatulong yun sa pagpapakitid ng utak mo este memory gap pala.

    pangalawa – aba! kung di ka pala tinamad u might have ridden with the flow. hahaha. well, buhay mo yan, di akin. basta just always be extra careful.

    at sa huli – maligo na ha. nangangamoy ka na. taas na ng sikat ng araw. tsk tsk

  2. @fan_pres – Nyehehe! Oo nga eh, subrang makakalimutin na ako. Wah.
    @Coy – Nde naman pare. :p
    @Lei – Nyehehe! Dami ko alam…message mo lang ako..pero puro bakla kasama mo..HAHAHA!
    @Sasha – Stay happy too! Be gay! LOL Thanks for the comment sasha, I actually had a great weekend. I didn’t do the 3-way shit, pero I had a blast coz i went out on a date with my crush! Turned out crush nya din pala ako. Hehehe!

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