Posted by: oboids | April 18, 2007

I Won’t Hessitate No More

Today, I had a long talk with my boss. I gave her my resignation letter. That’s it! I am finally leaving G********e!

I leave you guys with this video of Jason Mraz (I’m Yours):

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  1. Maniwala? Di nga!?!?

    🙂 Oi maganda yang kanta ni Jason Mraz. Hehe. Astigiiin.

  2. @utakGAGO – Actually nakaloop sya sa playlist ko ngayon, hahaha!

  3. Resigned ka na? Ako man! Hahaha… Welcome to bumworld, bro! 🙂

    Yan ang tugtog ko ngaun, I’m Yours ni Jason Mraz. Makes you wanna laze around the beach and chill 😉

  4. @sasha – hehe! I am sooo free right now. I’m listening to jason mraz too…and thinking happy thoughts.

  5. I hope naghanap ka ng trabaho on the side bago ka mag-resign.

  6. Come On Cancers are the best . im cancer and you know what ? I argue a LOT !!

  7. Sorry men I left my comment in the wrong post . what a shmae …

  8. That’s ok bro. I sorta figured that out. no sweat! thanks for dropping by dude. I sorta like your site too. And hopefully i can go to canada soon.

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