Guestblogger: Sa Wari Ko

I’d like to thank Chico, author of Sa Wari Ko, for inviting me to be one of his guestbloggers. Ang saya, guestblogger ako, hehehe!

I get to post articles in his site. Yahooo!

If you want to know more about guestblogging, click here.

I just wrote my very first article, it’s about math (which is my favorite subject in college next to chemistry) and cruising. LOL

Here’s an excerpt of the article (so, 1+1 = 3?),

” I have a very strange friend who challenged me to prove a very strange theory, 1+1=3.OK! His question must be really weird to you readers, but when he asked me this freaking question he was so fucking serious! He looked so persistent with those wide and teary eyes, begged me for the ancient proofs of 1+1=3.”

Read more by clicking this link—> sawariko.jpg

5 thoughts on “Guestblogger: Sa Wari Ko

  1. Thanks nixinne! I love reading your blog too. I hope you feel a lot better though..i just finished reading your latest article..anlungkot..ansakit sa puso. arrgghhh!

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