Why I did not cross dress at work?

I work for a call center company based in Eastwood, QC, and every Thursday of the week is our company’s Theme Night – A day when everyone is expected to act according to the night’s Theme. And tonight is Cross-dressing night, where girls get to dress-up like men, and boys get to dress-up like women.

I don’t mind seeing gay people ‘cross-dress’. I have a lot of transgender friends who look more female or male than most of my straight girl (guy)-friends, not to mention more fabulous and better-looking. I attended a ‘sexuality & gender’ seminar when I was in college where I learned that cross-dressing is a celebration of the transgender sexuality. So seeing a gay guy at the beach wearing his two-piece pink swimsuit in a very skimpy bikini will never offend me, I would even say something really nice to the guy just to let him know that I appreciate how good looking he is in his swimsuit. I don’t mind seeing my fag hag friends play cross dress at home or during parties, clearly the context of their cross dressing was to have fun and to celebrate the gay lifestyle.

However, it bothers me when an individual or an organization cross-dresses not to celebrate gayness but to mimic homosexuality as something comical. To see a straight guy in short skirt and small pink top, showing off and parading his macho-shit while in a dress, laughing with the boys who’s wearing the same costume, is extremely annoying. I am always reminded of fraternity rites in college where neophytes are asked to cross-dress in public. A straight guy wearing female clothing in public is never a celebration of the gay lifestyle, it is mockery.

I am a gay guy, and seeing the straight community acting gay and laugh about it is very offensive. There is nothing funny about cross dressing.

I don’t think the company’s management consulted any of the out and proud gay people at work to see what we’d feel on the subject of tonight’s activity. I don’t think they would even care to consult us the approval of tonight’s theme. To them, the gay community exists but has no real power to affect conditions. To see gay guys supporting tonight’s activity and had fun doing it supports my claim that the gay group in my work place lacks identity. Management’s pressure to participate is a very strong force; even if you’re not really into cross dressing you still would do it simply because the boss said so. I heard the big boss say to me a while ago (he saw me in polo shirt, jeans and rubber shoes), “Ang KJ (kill-joy) mo naman!” I really was wondering about what he means, I hope I won’t lose my job simply because I didn’t join the activity. J

2 thoughts on “Why I did not cross dress at work?

  1. That kind of crossdressing is akin to when nervous (or frankly racist, depending on the tone) whites donning blackface and pretending to be (caricatures) of Black Americans. If you point out this noxious similarity, you will get one of two responses, – a possibility of better,more mature understanding, or the moreplausible risk of being labeled an “aw,come-on-don’t-be-so-SERIOUS, that’s-not-what-we-mean” WET RAG.

    I’m rooting for ya, but I ain’t goin out to celbrate just yet…..

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