I must not sleep not until I digest the food I just ate. I went to eat Sinigang na Baka at Aling Alice’s Carinderia a while ago. And I am assuming that I would need at least an hour to digest the food I ate, so I must not sleep. I’ll do some seat ups to burn some excess fats before I sleep and lift some weights too. I need to keep doing this until I reach my goal – a toned physique, lean waist, and board abs. And mind you, strictly following my daily routine is really challenging, if not for my deep wanting to look better.

My low carb diet has helped me lose significant weight in the past few days. All my friends are telling me that I look thinner than when I arrived from Tampa. I look like a big blob of fat when I got back from US, and my belly was really bulging. I was really BILOG! My ex boss even joked that I looked ‘botyog’ – a name call for fat but ‘cute’ kids. That didn’t really bother me until I saw myself naked in the camera, and I was really shocked …I look freakin FAT! That was my signal to go on a strict diet. And I’ve been following this routine for more than 2 weeks now. I need a few more months to see a more visible result. My goal is to be a HOT looking DUDE with surf board abs in 3 months. If that is even possible!  Whew!

I need a lot of reminding. Maybe I should post my FAT pic to force myself to work out. What do you think?

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