Back Exercise – Barbell Bent Over Row

For exercise completion, move curser over picture.

  1. In correct posture, bend your torso over, keeping a natural arch in your spine. Be sure to keep your knees slightly bent.
  2. While bending over, keep your abdominal muscles tight, shoulders back and chest up.
  3. Under control, pull the weight up to your rib cage, while focusing on bringing your shoulder blades together.
  4. Stop just after your elbow joints are in line with your shoulders and reverse the motion back down.
  5. Under control, lower the weight, stop just before your elbow joints are straight and reverse the motion back up.

Muscles Benefited: Deltoids, erector spinae and upper back (latisimus dorsi, rhomboids).

2 thoughts on “Back Exercise – Barbell Bent Over Row

  1. @Nash – I bookmarked your site dude. I’ll be reading it more. Im working on toning my body..your blog is a great help. Thanks and more power.

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