Abdominal Exercises: Seated Twists

Movement : Seated Twists
Primary Muscles : Train obliques
Secondary Muscles : waist


Movement Execution:

Explanation: This exercise is performed in a seated position. You will need to put something behind your shoulder for your arms to rest on, such a s a broom stick. It is in the same position a bar would be if you were to squat. Feet flat on the floor and back straight. Keeping your head stationary, looking forward, twist your torso to the right side. Turn as much as you can, feel the tightness. Now return to the starting position and do the same for the other side. Repeat the movement.

Helpful Hint:

As with all abdominal exercises, it is very important that you use strict and proper form to achieve results. With seated twists, remember to keep looking forward, and to not just swing your body from side to side. Instead, concentrate on your obliques to do the work. Remember with all abdominal exercises that breathing in as you relax and out as you contract is also very important! Train hard!

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