It is Raining Hard Outside

It is raining hard outside.

I don’t feel good today.

I am not depressed, just plain bored. I want to do something worth my while, but I can’t think of anything. I want to watch anime online – I get live feed from – but I don’t want to click and wait for the feed to load. I figure I should check my g4m account and see if I have new messages, yet I don’t want to click on the link and check. Nothing there is worth checking anyway, except the new posts in R&S forum.

I texted Marlon to say hi, he is pissed coz I didn’t tell him I’m canceling our date yesterday. I was just too bored to text him. I slept the whole day yesterday, woke up 12-midnight. We were supposed to meet up in the afternoon.

Marlon thinks he is not important to me. I think he is complicating things for me. I am not ready for him, if he leaves me, it will not really matter. I think I will end up hurting him bad anyway. It will do him more good to leave me.

I don’t think I am ready for any relationships at all. I was before, but that was too long ago.

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