A Bad Joke of Fate

Drat! I was in the elevator, on my way up to 25th floor, when all of a sudden there was a sudden jolt and the lights went off. And I said SHIT! I am fucking stucked in the elevator. And all i can think of is whether my insurance is enough to cover my funeral.

Earlier today, I was reading a post in G4M (I am an active poster in R&S forum), one of the posters died horribly (was killed) in UPdiliman. I was having a hard time believing the news. And mind you, I had enough share of these kinds of joke. There is this guy in YM who sorta played the same joke on me, claiming he is a the relative and that he committed suicide. Damn, only to find out that he was just wanting to know if I cared enough to give a shit about his supposed to be death…whew! That was one bad joke, not to mention pathetic! And I fell for it.

And here I am thinking that what if that poster in G4M really died, I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy, matalino pa naman at mukhang mabait. Sayang!

I hope that what ever is instore for me in the future, that I will be brave enough to face it and accept that which is inevitable.

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