Posted by: oboids | November 26, 2012

The Sun is Rising & I can’t Sleep

20121126-055240.jpgThere is nothing that really matters at this point other than to save myself from this insanity that grips me. I feel that life is slowly ebbing away – it makes me truly sad. Sigh. I miss the old days when my friends where around, and life was fun and carefree. How we changed, much has changed. All I feel is emptiness, it’s pathetic. I feel numb and nostalgic.

I would check my account in Facebook, and would feel displaced. I see them friends who were once familiar as different. Haven’t we all felt so alive once? Why is it that all I see in them are tired looking eyes and fake smiles? Oh man! I feel miserable. My mom before she died said I should visit a shrink and have my head checked. I agree. I think there really is something wrong with me. Even my partner agrees. It’s depressing.

Friend, if you’re reading this. I’m sorry for being a bastard. I miss the old days when I can just be me and talk endlessly about the crappy world and how shitty reality is. Please forgive me and come back. I miss you.

Posted by: oboids | October 8, 2012

Blogging Again

It must have been ages since I last wrote an entry in this blog. But what the heck, I think I had enough time to rest. Now that I have my apple tools with me, nothing’s gonna stop me from typing my thoughts away.

Posted by: oboids | March 10, 2010

Love of Siam

The Love of Siam (Thai: รักแห่งสยาม, RTGS: Rak Haeng Sayam, pronounced [rák hɛ̀ŋ sà.yăːm]) is a Thai romantic-drama film, written and directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul. A multi-layered family drama, a groundbreaking element of the story is a gay romance between two teenage boys.

The film was released in Thailand on 22 November 2007. The fact that the gay storyline was not apparent from the film’s promotional material initially caused controversy, but the film was received with critical acclaim and proved financially successful. It dominated Thailand’s 2007 film awards season, winning the Best Picture category in all major events.

Posted by: oboids | January 5, 2010

Pinoy Gay Movie: Walang Kawala

Watch the movie in

Posted by: oboids | January 5, 2010

M2M Queer Fairy Tales

Posted by: oboids | January 5, 2010

Blogging is Such a Tedious Task

It has been a while since I last blogged, and mind you we are not just talking about days of hiatus, but years…mind you years of no real entry. If not for the friendly ctrl+C (Copy) and ctrl+v (paste), I would not have attempted to post anything online.

“What will I write?” I asked myself! I have nothing no matter how much I squeeze my brain..there’s just nothing.

I was asked numerous times to post, and my excuse had been that my muse died and the gods are too tired to resurrect her.

So why am I typing a “real” post now? huh!

I will attempt to provide an answer to this question —> I realized that I may be dying anytime soon (really I feel that I am) and this may just be my last attempt to make a mark! Whew! There I said my latest fear! I want to talk dark, and gore, and shit now…but I am just going to bore you..and maybe bore myself more..that I’d speed up the very thing I fear I am stopping this thought-flow now…wham! (there I whacked my brain on my room’s apple-green wall)

My real reason really…and hear me this —–> I NEED MONEY!..and my other site needs some advertising ( and this site is hitting numbers, so I figured, If I mirror my site (over there at here then I might get more hit points there.

But darn..i am too lazy most of the time…and busy too (yep, I have a real job)

So I dunno, I might post something tomorrow, or I might not. So just wait, okay!

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